July 11, 2011
Bob Niemi
Okotoks, AB

A July 11, 2011 article states that “North Korea is simply not a credible chair of this UN body as its leaders are working in the exact opposite direction” Also, “Our government received a strong mandate to advance Canada’s values- freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law – on the world stage”.

If this is true, then why is this Conservative government so adamant about not allowing farmers to vote on the CWB issue? Is this Canadian government also not credible and working in the opposite direction of our Canadian values? Why promote these values on the world stage and ignore them at home?

Maybe it is time for the federal conservative government to look into the mirror to see how many faces it is wearing and appears to other countries and its own citizens. As well, the general population should seriously reflect on the stance and direction this government is taking while acting righteous under the guise of promoting free elections and democratic rights around the world.

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