Eric Sagan
Melville, Sask.

For a bunch that boasts about standing up for western Canadian farmers, the Conservative MPs from Saskatchewan sure have a lot of trouble figuring out whose side they’re on.

First, why do they keep saying we don’t need a rail costing review? Is it because they think the approximately $5 a tonne the railways are getting in excess charges on every tonne they ship out of the Prairies are better off in CN and CP’s pockets than our own?

The government line – that our Saskatchewan MPs had been towing – used to be that we had to await the outcome of the service review and then, we’d look at costs. So what’s the excuse now? The CEO of CN rail has received a compensation package of around $7.7 million! So the Harper regime seems content on supporting millionaires at the expense of farmers!!

They’re also turning a blind eye while the Canadian Grain Commission is converted into another fee-for-service agency with grain producers footing the entire bill for controls and safeguards that benefit everyone in the industry.

The problem with this bunch is that they talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk. They’re standing up all right… for everybody else but us!

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