Letters to the Editor
Nipawin Journal
By George E. Hickie Waldron, SK

District 7 CWB Director Election provides farmers with two clear, contrasting director candidates. Kyle Korneychuk supports the single desk, and Terry Youzwa supports “positive change,” – code words for an open market.

But the other rather large difference is in their actions regarding farmer control and ownership. And who were they really working for? Korneychuk opposed the privatization of SWP indicating there was no benefit to producers, while Youzwa helped orchestrate the sell off of UGG and Agricore United and in so doing, left the board table with a good “severance” package and his stock options. What farmers got out of this deal is yet to be seen!

If Youzwa makes it to the CWB board, will history repeat itself? Will this potential director look after himself first, or the farmers of District 7? District 7 farmers need to think carefully who they want to represent them at the CWB board table.

“Losing the single desk in potash would make Saskatchewan ‘transition from being price leaders to price takers.’“- Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall

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