By: George Calvin
New Norway, Alberta.

Re: Conservatives accused of CWB meddling – Western Producer Nov. 11, 2010

Well it is another Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) director’s election and it is another dirty trick from Harper’s Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz. Last time he threw hundreds of legitimate farmers off the voters list in the middle of the CWB election, like taking 48.7% of the names off the voters list in District One in northern Alberta. The Director in that district was Art Macklin, a strong supporter of single desk selling. In keeping with Federal policy Mr. Ritz could not afford to have anyone like that around.

This time Ritz is going even further. He is holding farmers’ money to ransom by changing the rules of the game on how the CWB reports grain payments to his office. On this pretext he is withholding millions of dollars from farmers and trying to blame the CWB for his actions.

Apparently Minister Ritz will even stoop to keeping farmers from buying toys for their children at Christmas in the hopes he can give Mr. Harper’s friends in the grain trade the gift that will keep on giving: a wrecked CWB.

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