The Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board have won the right in Federal court to have a judicial review of Minister Ritz’s reckless decision to introduce legislation ending the Canadian Wheat Board.

This is a good day for those who support the rule of law, due process and the right of farmers to control their own Wheat Board.  Read the Friends news release below:


Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board

–a coalition of farmers and other Canadians in support of democracy and a farmer-controlled CWB

Friends of CWB Pleased with today’s Court Ruling on its Request for Judicial Review

Winnipeg, MB, September 9, 2011—The Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board (FCWB) said it was pleased with Prothonotary Roger Lafreniere’s decision earlier today to allow its request for a Judicial Review to proceed to a full federal court hearing.


In response to Ag Minister Ritz’ public statements following the May 2nd federal election that he intended to dismantle the CWB without consulting grain producers through a plebiscite as required by Section 47.1 of the CWB Act, the Friends of the CWB on June 27th filed a Request for Judicial Review in the Federal Court of Canada.  Ritz’ first response was to request that the issue be dealt with behind closed doors—to which the Friends objected.  In today’s federal court hearing, Ritz’ counsel argued that the Friends’ legal challenge had no merit and should be dismissed.  Prothonotary Lafreniere disagreed.  The Friends next day in federal court will be October 3rd when a case conference will be held.


Anders Bruun, Legal Counsel for Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board, said, “This is a complex case which raises issues that have not been before the courts until now.  Prairie farmers stand to lose an estimated five hundred million dollars per year if the Federal Government is successful in getting rid of the single desk.  Given the complexity of the case and the high stakes, I would not be surprised to see this case go to the Supreme Court of Canada.”

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