By Bernie von Tettenborn, Round Hill, Alta.
September 8, 2011

It is obvious that the Conservative government knows it would not win a prairie producer vote on the single desk question of selling wheat and barley.

Before the election (federal agriculture minister Gerry) Ritz said that there would be a farmer vote.  After the election he claims there won’t be a vote as they have a majority mandate to do as they want.

Instead, he and his prime minister are going to legislate a change to the CWB Act in order to accomplish what has been promised to the multinationals.

He states he will consult with farm groups, and he probably will, but only with the ones that would like to see the demise of the CWB.

Our representatives to government have been elected by all the population and are elected to do our wishes.  They forget that and forget who pays their wages, which is how a democracy works.

The Conservative government claims their vote results say the Prairies want to get rid of the CWB, but all people vote and to 97 percent of the population, the CWB question wasn’t even on the table.

The only fair way to get the producer answer to the question is to have a two-sided question put to the prairie producers, which is what the CWB is doing. The government needs to be mindful of the result of this vote.

Ritz claims he isn’t dictating to the board, but that is exactly what he is doing. We have sent aircraft and are spending another $60 million more to the end of September to displace a dictator in Libya and then have a dictator right here at home.

The Conservative agenda is to implement legislation to placate foreign companies and multinationals so they can do business in Canada unimpeded.

from The Western Producer

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