On CBC radio the Hon. Gerry Ritz stated that a dual-marketing CWB was his goal.

His Conservative predecessor, the Hon. Chuck Strahl commissioned a study called Report of Technical Task Force on Implementing Marketing Choice for Wheat and Barley (2006).  The conclusion of that report was very simple.  It said a dual market “is not possible.”

Maybe Minister Ritz has not read his own government’s file on the subject.  Or perhaps he did not understand it.  Who knows?

What we do know is Minister Ritz says he will ignore a grass roots democratic vote by farmers and apparently he will say and do anything to get his way.

But farmers know that when it comes to grain marketing, you cannot suck and blow at the same time.  That is why they voted to keep the single desk for the Wheat Board.  Minister Ritz also needs to learn you can either have a democracy or not.  It seems he is firmly on the “not” side.

Use this convenient form to send an email message telling Agriculture Minister Ritz and your own Member of Parliament to respect the results of the CWB plebiscite.

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