(Regina)  “Today’s Federal Court ruling that Minister Ritz broke the law by introducing legislation to destroy our Canadian Wheat Board without carrying out a producer plebiscite is a vindication of our farmer democracy” observed Bill Gehl, chairperson of the Canadian Wheat Board Alliance.

“We have seen too much law breaking and political spin about our Wheat Board.  It is time for the Senate of Canada to demonstrate respect for the law and the basic institutions of our society by immediately rejecting this unlawful legislation and abandoning further hearings into it” said Gehl.

Mr. Justice Campbell said it best in his decision “The Applicants each request a Declaration that the Minister’s conduct is an affront to the rule of law.  For the reasons that follow, I have no hesitation in granting this request.”

Gehl concluded by saying “We call on the Government of Canada to respect the law and stop their harassment of our Wheat Board and western farmers for whom this institution is so critical.  It is time for Minister Ritz to stop his disgraceful conduct and for Ottawa to quit trying to destroy our Canadian Wheat Board” concluded Gehl.

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