(Regina, May 10, 2012) The news that 70% of CWB staff will be fired by this summer and the iconic CWB building in Winnipeg may be sold represents more illegal vandalism of a farmer owned institution, observed Bill Gehl, chairperson of the Canadian Wheat Board Alliance.

 “It is unusual to see any elected official defy a Federal Court ruling to implement legislation as Minister Ritz has done with the Wheat Board,” Gehl said, “but it is even more unusual for appointed Directors to place themselves at such great personal risk to carry out what the Courts may well determine are illegal acts which violate their fiduciary duties not only to the organization, but to its rightful owners, the farmers of western Canada.”

“We are already hearing expressions of concern from our international customers and this gutting of CWB staff brings into question our ability to effectively feed the world with the same guaranteed quality of grain.  This has implications for global food security and more than just western farmers will want to know who is responsible.  The first place many will look is to Minister Ritz’s appointees who as directors must bear responsibility for their actions.  They would be well advised to consider the consequences of another Court ruling favourable to western farmers” Gehl concluded.

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