Regarding the Nov. 22 story “Regulations, farmer voice needed” so now we have the comedy to go along with the tragedy.

John De Pape and Paul Earl lament the lack of transparency and regulation in the grain trade.  It appears they have finally removed their rose-coloured glasses to see what supporters of the Canadian Wheat Board were saying all along.

De Pape would like the multinational grain giants to report their sales every week.  Good luck with that, John.  Do you really believe this government would consider legislation to regulate the free market power of their buddies in Big Grain?

De Pape suggests that farmers will do just fine in the new marketplace as long as they hire “good, intelligent” marketing advisers.  He also suggests these advisers should be regulated in some way.  Some advisers will be getting a bit itchy at that suggestion.

I wonder if the intelligent ones cost more than the ones who are just good?  If they are neither good nor intelligent, do they still cost the same?  I sure hope my adviser is more intelligent than my neighbours’.  If I can’t have any real market power, at least I can maximize my profit at the expense of my friend on the next section over.

Darrell Stokes
Hussar, Alta.

Manitoba Cooperator, December 6, 2012

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