by:  Kyle Korneychuk

With so much discussion surrounding the state of the Senate, I think part of the focus should center on the personal conduct of the Senators.

Specifically the allegations, Senator David Tkachuk, the chair of the Internal Economy leaked confidential information to Senators which his committee was investigating. If this is the case the Prime Minister should have the honesty and integrity to dismiss that Senator. If the Chair of the review committee cannot keep information in confidence what example does this set for the other Senators or the institution?

In my experience Senator Tkachuk’s latest controversy is not surprising.   In the fall of 2011, I was part of a group of farmers who meet with Tkachuk to discuss the Canadian Wheat Board issue. He specifically raised the contention that the CWB was not willing to meet with Minister Ritz. I asked the Senator where he got that information and he said Minister Ritz.   I replied that the CWB had specifically sent three written letters to Minister Ritz asking for an audience which Ritz did not have the courtesy to reply to. I even followed up by sending copies of those letters to Senator Tkachuk’s office from which I received confirmation of receipt.

So when Minister Ritz testified before a committee, in which SenatorTkachuk was a member, and the Minister spouted off about not being allowed to attend a CWB meeting, I fully expected Tkachuk to do his duty and question the Minister since he had written confirmation that Minister Ritz was at best not telling the whole story and at worst, was attempting to mislead the committee.   But Tkachuk sat like a mouse!

Senators are supposed to show “sober second thought” and this incident shows some of them should resign and be put out to pasture!

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