The present Mission Terminal at Thunder Bay was owned by Saskatchewan Wheat Pool.  Upper Lakes Group Inc. used its subsidiary Mission Terminal Inc. to purchase the facility when it was put up for tax sale in 2000.

The new owners of the terminal then focused on handling producer cars administered for farmers by the farmer-controlled single-desk Wheat Board.  The Wheat Board made sure there were sales for the producer car grain.

In December of 2011 the single-desk Wheat Board was ended.

In 2013 Mission Terminal Inc. was purchased by the Ritz controlled Wheat Board, after which it became part of the package of cash and assets which some claim the Harper Conservatives effectively gifted to G3 Global Grain Group in 2015.

G3 is a joint venture of one of the ABCD group (Bunge) with majority ownership by the government of Saudi Arabia and as of June of 2016 is incorporated as G3 Canada Limited.

Thunder Bay has the extra costs of handling grain through the St. Lawrence Seaway system.  Prairie grain must be unloaded into the Thunder Bay terminals, and then loaded into laker ships.  These ships then unload at the deep water terminals along the St. Lawrence River.  The grain is then handled again as it is loaded into ocean going grain ships.

Looking at the Canadian Grain Commission:   Grain Elevators in Canada 2015
Here is the list of terminals and their capacities from Table 3:


RR          name                                                                                capacity in metric tonnes

CN          Mission Terminal Inc.                                                        137,740

CN          MobilEx Terminal Ltd. A                                                     10,000

Richardson International Limited                                                     231,030

Richardson International Limited                                                     210,030

CN          Superior Elevator ULC                                                     176,020

CN -CP Thunder Bay Terminals Ltd.                                                10,000

CN          Viterra Inc. 1                                                                      362,650

CP          Western Grain By-Products Storage Ltd.                            30,000

Total terminal capacity of:                                                              1,167,470

out of Ontario’s whole total of:                                                      1,908,120



RR          name                                                                  capacity in metric tonnes

Cargill Limited                                                    441,780

CN          MONTREAL
Viterra Inc.                                                         262,000

Louis Dreyfus Commodities Canada Ltd.      292,950

CN          QUEBEC
Bunge of Canada Ltd.                                       224,030

Richardson International (Quebec) Limited / 146,460

Les Élévateurs des Trois-Rivières Ltée           109,000

Total of 6 terminals with capacity of:                            1,476,220

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