Join us in the movement to restore the Canadian Wheat Board…it was the only international grain marketer in the world that worked for you.

Annual Membership Fee: $100.00 (no GST) Make your cheque payable to:

Canadian Wheat Board Alliance 

Box 125
Hussar AB
T0J 1S0

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The Alliance emerged from a group of organizations that had been independently supporting the Canadian Wheat Board. These organizations saw the need to share resources and speak from a common position.


The Alliance Council reports to its members at its annual conference by presenting a financial statement and reporting on the progress made on the priorities established by the membership.


The 10 CWB districts are the basis for the Alliance organization, with several committees in each district. There is room for many more committees and many more members.

The members in each district elect a representative to the Canadian Wheat Board Alliance Council. The Council is responsible for the overall operation of the organization.


  • It was our Canadian Wheat Board
  • It put a lot of money in our pockets.
  • Donations to our cause are gratefully accepted from members or from anonymous supporters, who wish to stay at arm’s length.
  • Let’s keep our Board strong!