For information about transporation to Winnipeg please contact the NFU office at (306) 652-9465




Canadian Wheat Board Alliance

Friends of the Canadian Wheat Board

National Farmers Union




1. The Event

Please attend this demonstration in support of a strong CWB. Farmers are asked to assemble:


10:00 AM

Exhibition Place building


Highway #1 at the west Perimeter Highway (3977 Portage Ave.)

Farmers will travel from the staging area by police escort to the Canadian Wheat Board building to rally in front of the CWB at 12:00 p.m.


2. Buses

For more information contact the NFU office at (306) 652-9465.

3. Accommodation

If you are traveling on the buses and need accommodations, please call:

Motel 6 (Headingley)
4400 Portage Ave (Hwy 101 North)
Phone: (204) 896-9000
Rates: $96 per room (tax incl.) for double occupancy, ($89 for single). Ask for the senior’s rate.


Motel One
3760 Portage Ave
Phone: (204) 831-9800
Rates: $87.94 (tax incl.) for a double and $82.08 (tax incl.) for a single.
If both these hotels are 100% booked, Call Darrin at the NFU office for an alternate.

Please book your own hotel room directly. The NFU office cannot do this. Please room with someone if you can, to reduce your costs and help ensure rooms for others.


4. Actions

Here are 5 things you can do:

  1. Plan to attend this protest and build the movement to protect the CWB;
  2. Call farmers in your area, tell them about the event, urge them to attend, and ask them to make calls too;
  3. If you’re outside the Winnipeg area, work to get people onto the buses or into other vehicles to travel to the demonstration;
  4. If you are near Winnipeg, help with the preparations for the event; and
  5. Support this work financially by contributing to one of the organizations doing this work.


5. For more information, please contact:

Darrin Qualman, (Acting) NFU Organizer: (306) 652-9465

Kevin Wipf, NFU Executive Director: (306) 652-9465

Larry Bohdanovich, Friends of the CWB: (204) 546-3154 or 638-1893

Ian Robson, NFU Board Member: (204) 858-2479

Bill Gehl, Canadian Wheat Board Alliance: (306) 537-3899