by:  Ron Watson

The emperor’s new grain marketing clothes have now been exposed for the hot air they were “woven” from.

Farmer opportunity to contract or deliver wheat is unequal or non-existent, and wheat prices have fallen by 50% putting them well under both U.S. and world prices.

Don’t let the emperor and his courtiers tell you that the answer is to give more money to the railways.  The railways are already overpaid at least $175 million by farmers every year.  Giving them more money is simply spinning more invisible clothes.


  1. Rudy Ammeter

    The railways have got all they ever asked for. Fewer elevators crow rate gone CWB single desk gone with no improvement in service. Lets not give them any more concessions.

    • Bernie von Tettenborn

      Keep up the effort. this problem is what got the wheat board stated in the first place, the free wheelers are getting what they asked for, it is too bad that everybody else has to suffer along with them, while they suffer the mistake they created