(May 13, 2014) There is more news on the Fairy Dust for Grain Farmers Act.  Apparently a procedural matter has slowed the Senate’s rubber stamping this bit of legislative smoke and mirrors with predicable huffing and puffing from Conservative Senators desperate to be seen doing something to off-set the billions of dollars of damage they’ve already done to western grain farmers by killing the single-desk Canadian Wheat Board.

In related news the giant Louis Dreyfus Company launched a level of service complaint against CN Rail which should come as no surprise nor should the applause from the Western Grain Elevators Cartel since a successful complaint ought to increase their profits.

The critique of the Fair Rail for Grain Farmers Act (Bill C-30) made by an independent Conservative MP from Alberta was that it did nothing for farmers since farmers are not legally considered shippers.  Shippers are the ones who own the grain and farmers give up their ownership of the grain once they unload it at the elevator.

What is a surprise is the expectation by some of the farmers who supported killing the Wheat Board that the grain companies winning level of service complaints will act like the single-desk Wheat Board and increase prices to farmers.

Ritz supporter asks grain company for more Almost exactly as illustrated

Ritz supporter asks grain company for more
Almost exactly as illustrated

I would not hold my breath on that one.  The giant grain companies did not get that way by leaving money on the table for farmers.  Their shareholders and owners can be forgiven for wondering why they should limit their legally acquired profits much less share those profits with farmers.

To use an ugly phrase, “farmers have no skin in this game” thanks to Minister Ritz killing the single-desk Wheat Board, even if they are the ones who pay for the whole thing.  Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz kept his promise that farmers would no longer be responsible for the grain once it hits the elevator pit.  It is too bad some farmers and too many politicians thought that was a good thing without thinking about the money farmers would lose.

The sound and fury in the Senate about a procedural matter slowing consideration of Bill C-30 signifies nothing for farmers.  Perhaps some fairy dust fell in the works.

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  1. The Conservatives Motto “stanading up for farmers” needs to be changed to standing up for the grain companies the shippers!!