(Oct. 19/15) In his victory speech the new Prime Minister elect, Justin Trudeau, said the election results showed that Canadians can “have faith in your country.”

And indeed congratulations to Canadians are very much in order. After the dour and almost paranoid reign of the Harper Conservatives many of us were starting to wonder about how widely the Canadian values we believed in were shared by our neighbours.Exploding_Flower_Bed_fireworks

Tonight’s election showed that even in Saskatchewan and Alberta where vote splitting allowed Conservative victories, the vast majority of Canadians still held to the decent ideals that have characterized Canada for decades.

The major achievement of Prime Minister Harper and his cadre of fundamentalists has been to frighten Canadians enough that they stampeded to the alternative they thought best able to defeat the fundamentalists of the Conservative Party.

Harper will be remembered for his administration’s very long list of destructive and negative actions. But this destruction and fear-mongering have served to remind Canadians that the vast majority of us stand for a positive, tolerant, and inclusive society.

Canadians deserve a thank you for voting for change. With a new government in power Western farmers who understand the economic value of orderly marketing are looking forward to working toward the restoration of our single-desk grain marketing system so thoughtlessly destroyed by the Conservative administration.

The restoration of our single-desk will be good for our communities and good for Canada.

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  1. Ian Robson

    Well said! Canadian Values are Cooperation not fundamentalist.
    This elected government needs to live up to its representatives high ideals, the talk was good, the danger of TPP to our trade and sovereignty is real. Sweden has much better living conditions by controlling its own sovereignty.
    Farmers have a common problem with the sale of surplus grain namely low prices which exist around the world. The “market” never considers paying farmers to keep a food cushion and pay those who grow the food. A better market structure than the present financial gambling to set prices is to be (re)built.
    Our CWB opened trade with China and was very successful, the Conservatives failed to be smart with trade of benefit to Canada’s Farmers but sure lined the pockets of the elevator companies.
    Respect for the UN is needed this is how to build trade and trust in the world.
    Remembrance Day reminds us that people can work together to prevent destruction from Warring and people are able to build Medicare and the CWB and good things that make Canada.
    Farmers Cooperate Now.